Carthusia Profumi di Capri

Carthusia perfumes have a hidden yet indivisible bond with Capri. The feelings and emotions of these products are the result of dedicated and professional research into components derived exclusively from Capri's environment. These ingredients meet, mix and match in their laboratories, producing unique harmonies of scents that create Carthusia perfumes as great as the island from which they come.

Today, they've put into practice its centuries-old knowledge in order to develop a culture of perfume unique in the world. Over the years, it has refined its mastery about the olfactory sense, refining and structuring its comprehension of essences, in order to grant to those who choose its fragrances the purest and most intense emotions. Nowadays, as in the past, all stages of production are carried out by hands to guarantee the accurate application of the natural methods involved and the precious care of traditional craftsmanship.

Carthusia Perfumes