Welcome to our Press Corner!

Here at LA RIGGIOLA we are fully aware of the importance of information and communication: true facts transmitted in a precise and sincere manner, perhaps with a good picture, represent genuine mile stones for journalism – but also for the sale of a unique product rich in tradition as the Vietri sul Mare handmade and handpainted ceramics.

We do not need to invent any story: in every single piece made by our artisans, history, made up of hundreds of years of experience matured among the rich Mediterranean cultures, strongly speaks for itself.

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You are welcome to contact us if you for instance would like high resolution photos, other just more information about us and our products.

Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm, Sweden

La Minervella Hotel, Sorrento, Italy

“The single-colored surface feels worrying, whereas the patterned one soothes the mind…”

by Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn co-founder